Action movies are known for pushing the boundaries of the imagination, especially when it comes to character designs and weapons. The genre has created some of the coolest weapons on screen, with the world’s best unique weapons created in their film. On top of that, every great action hero has a signature weapon, something they’re rarely seen without, that helps them beat bad guys.

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These weapons can be anything from swords and knives to guns and other creative weapons. It’s essential for a great action hero to have a weapon that sets them apart from the average character and sets them apart from their enemies. Many of these weapons can become just as important and iconic as the characters themselves, and fans are eagerly looking for replicas and accessories to display.

10/10 Mobile infantry used a shoulder-fired nuke

Starship Troopers Rico uses a tactical bomb launcher

by Paul Verhoeven Starship Troopers endured as one of the greatest sci-fi/action films ever made. Following the invasion of a planet populated by monstrous giant insects, mobile infantry form the bulk of the ground force, an army armed with an arsenal of weapons.

Among these are powerful rifles and a shoulder-mounted destructive nuclear bomb, a weapon capable of eliminating entire colonies of insects underground. The weapon is more powerful than anything else in MI’s arsenal and saves Rico and his team from a deadly attack.

9/10 James Bond’s Walther PPK is the spy’s weapon of choice

Sean Connery as James Bond Gun Walther PPK

The infamous sidearm of MI6 super-spy James Bond, the Walther PPK is a small, compact pistol that serves as the weapon of choice for 007. Throughout his adventures, particularly those of Connery and Craig, Bond has rarely been seen without the iconic handgun in tow.

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Although James Bond has used other weapons over the years, the Walther is well known as the definitive Bond pistol, and no modern version would be complete without it. Of all the gadgets used by Bond over the years, the Walther is as essential as the modified Aston Martin.

8/10 Rambo made the Bowie knife an action staple

Rambo holding his bowie knife in the rain

In first bloodjohn rambo showed the strength of a good knife at his side, which proved essential to his survival in the face of the police onslaught. Over the span of the franchise, the knife has become a staple of the character, even serving as the weapon of choice in video game appearances.

The knife is so popular and iconic that Sylvester Stallone sells a range of blades based on the famous knife from his movies. The Silent Killer allows Rambo to kill his enemies while maintaining stealth and precision; the character wouldn’t be the same without him.

7/10 The bride’s katana helped her defeat her enemies

Kill Bill Vol 1 Uma Thurman in Yellow Jumpsuit

by Quentin Tarantino Kill Bill serves as a modern samurai tale, sending Uma Thurman’s character, The Bride, on a mission of all-out revenge against her traitors. Believing that her daughter was killed by Bill and his crew, she travels to Japan to have expert swordsmith Hatori Hanzo make her a new Katana blade.

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The Hanzo Blade demonstrated pinpoint accuracy in The Bride’s battle with O-Ren Ishii and his Crazy 88 gang, handing him a masterful victory. Her blade is so strong that it can cut through the steel of her enemies’ swords and has proven indispensable in the bride’s revenge.

6/10 Harry Callahan’s .44 Magnum was the most powerful handgun in the world

Dirty Harry asks if a punk feels lucky in the movie Dirty Harry

Clint Eastwood’s Harry Callahan in dirty harry was rarely seen without his .44 Magnum – which he loved to brag about to criminals. The weapon proved deadly accurate in the hands of San Francisco’s finest inspector and was practically a portable cannon.

Eastwood’s cool delivery of his lines and impressive use of his gun made the .44 Magnum one of the most instantly recognizable and infamous guns in film. The gun wouldn’t be complete without the legendary “am I feeling lucky?” monologue with her.

5/10 Space Marine M41A Pulse Rifle Proven Deadly Against Xenomorphs

Ellen Ripley learns how to use a pulse rifle in the movie Aliens

The trusty weapon of the futuristic marine corps seen in James Cameron’s aliens, the M41A Pulse Rifle is a versatile weapon of war for the hardened grunts. Equipped with a life-saving motion detection sensor, the rifle is the perfect weapon any soldier would need.

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Its impressive appearance, multi-role function, and the undeniable essentiality of the motion sensor against the Xenomorph treasure made it key to Ripley’s survival. Given its range and effectiveness, the M41A Pulse Rifle is the perfect weapon of choice for hard-hitting Space Marines.

4/10 RoboCop’s Auto-9 brought justice to Detroit criminals

Peter Weller as RoboCop with his auto-9 pistol

Peter Weller’s RoboCop was a character as iconic for its design features as it is for its simple, catchy dialogue. The cybernetic cop was equipped with full armor, including a leg compartment that stored his high-powered Auto-9 handgun.

This semi-automatic pistol is as much a part of RoboCop as its steel frame, and Alex Murphy has proven to be deadly accurate with the pistol. Compared to the Detroit police officer’s pistol, the Auto-9 blows away the competition and represents RoboCop as the future of law enforcement.

3/10 Judge Dredd’s Lawgiver Is The Ultimate Weapon For A Dystopian Street Cop

Dredd solves a hostage situation in the movie Dredd with a Lawgiver pistol

Mega City One’s law enforcement officers, the Judges, are armed with a trusty gun nicknamed “The Lawgiver”. The small size of the weapon hides all its potential as a real arsenal, being able to load different types of ammunition ranging from explosive cartridges to stun bullets.

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Not only does the Lawgiver contain a wide range of ammo types, but it’s also coded to a judge’s biometric scans, making it a trap for criminals. Whether it’s the rapid-fire, high-ex, or hotshot setting, the Lawgiver is a gun that’s sure to give a street judge the edge.

2/10 Hellboy’s Samaritan takes Dirty Harry to the next level

Hellboy with his samaritan gun

Hellboy’s Samaritan Revolver packs one of the heaviest shots in all of pop culture media. The Demonic Hero’s weapon of choice has proven effective against a range of enemies and monsters. Boasting giant-sized ammo, the weapon suits the grand world of Hellboy.

Forged from magical metals of religious significance – including church bells and blessed silver – the gun is perfect for combating supernatural threats. The hilt even features fragments of the True Cross, the wood on which Jesus was crucified.

1/10 The Predator’s plasma cannon will always be king

Predator with its shoulder-mounted plasma cannon

An action legend, the Predator (also known as Yautja) has become one of pop culture’s most iconic creatures, armed with an equally legendary arsenal of weaponry. The most prominent of these weapons is the shoulder-mounted plasma cannon, guided by the Predator’s three-point laser pointer.

The Plasma Cannon proved deadly at both close and long ranges, especially against the Predator’s ancient enemy, the Xenomorph. The pistol was the Predator’s weapon of choice when fighting Dutch Schaeffer and his team, and it could tear through a human like a knife through butter.

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