THE MS for Aberconwy welcomed the introduction of E10 as a new standard gasoline grade to make fuel pumps more environmentally friendly.

Janet Finch-Saunders, who is also shadow minister for climate change, said the gasoline change is a “significant boost” to working to reduce the carbon footprint of motorists across the UK.

E10 is made up of up to 10% renewable ethanol, including materials such as inferior grains, sugars and wood waste, making it a greener solution than the existing standard E5 gasoline. .

The UK Department for Transport said the new fuel could cut carbon emissions by 750,000 tonnes per year, the equivalent of taking 350,000 cars off the road.

Over 95% of all gasoline vehicles are E10 compatible, with the small number of older vehicles, including classic cars and some from the early 2000s, still being able to access E5 gasoline in the “category”. Great “. Motorists are advised to use the UK government’s free E10 online checker to check if their vehicle is compatible.

“This positive forecourt change will allow the UK to move forward and meet our ambitious net zero targets, which represents a significant shift in driver liability as our recovery from the green coronavirus continues. is pursuing seriously, ”Ms. Finch-Saunders said.

“With the ban on the sale of new gasoline and diesel cars slated for 2030, this is an important interim measure that will inevitably support a broader transition to electric as barriers around charging and prices are overcome.

“Given that energy giant Shell has revealed plans to put 50,000 electric vehicle charging points on streets across the UK by 2025, and correspondence with people like Cartrefi Conwy revealing that Welsh housing associations undertake the necessary cross-sector conversations to build carrying capacity. near homes, it is heartwarming to see that the policy is moving in the right direction.

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