Suzanne Coffman, took her wings at the age of 39, on Thursday September 1, 2022, at

Born August 30, 1983, in Brownwood, Texas, Amelia attended early schools in

from which she graduated in 2001. As a child, traveling with her family allowed her to visit many western states and cultivated in her a lifelong love of exploration and curiosity about the world. From a young age, Amelia enjoyed camping and mastering outdoor survival skills. Amelia loved animals and devoted much of her time and energy to their care. In high school, she enjoyed learning veterinary skills while working several years for the Brown County Veterinary Clinic. While attending college in College Station and Houston, Amelia continued to expand her knowledge of veterinary medicine by working for Wellborn Road Veterinary Medical Center, Greenway Animal Clinic and Atascazoo Animal Hospital. After Hurricane Harvey’s destruction, she selflessly volunteered her time to serve as a medical escort for a busload of rescued dogs and cats transported from the devastated Houston area to new locations in Minnesota. Amelia excelled academically, earning her bachelor’s degree from Texas A&M and her master’s degree in social psychology from the University of Houston. Amelia was a gifted writer, speaker, social psychologist and researcher. She has co-authored research-based articles published in scholarly journals, as well as numerous encouraging, inspirational, and educational articles online. At the time of his death, only his thesis defense remained incomplete for obtaining the award of a doctorate. from the University of Houston. Amelia and her wife, Bao, have traveled overseas to Vietnam and surrounding countries. She fell in love with the culture and became very actively involved in Vietnamese groups in the Houston area, learning basic Vietnamese in addition to the basic Korean skills she had previously acquired. Unfortunately, Amelia’s enthusiasm for travel was limited years ago by aggressive medical treatments for a rare autoimmune disease, EGPA. Earlier this year, she opted out of treatment, trading a shortened life for a more fully lived life; this summer she embarked on an adventure, basking in the natural beauty of New Mexico, Colorado, Idaho, Wyoming, Montana,

Utah. Amelia was infinitely talented and loved to conquer a challenging project. She enjoyed all forms of art, including but not limited to: quilting, photography, woodworking, and even seashell carving. The tools through which she expressed her inherent creativity included, among others, a serger and several sewing machines, the flute, clarinet, oboe, piano and violin. Music and art were unspoken languages ​​through which she expressed herself. Amelia dedicated her life to trying to help others, just as she herself had been a grateful recipient of the benevolent actions of others. At the time of her passing, she was surrounded not only by her human loved ones, but also by her canine travel companion, Lulu, and a room full of beautiful floral tributes from people whose lives she had touched. Amelia is survived by her wife, Bao Tran Huynh, her parents, her uncle, several aunts and a number of cousins. Always meticulous, she laid the groundwork for her Celebration of Life service, which will be held at Wellspring United Methodist Church in Georgetown on September 25. A family service for his subsequent interment in Bangs Cemetery is pending.