Shell Fragments are a rare resource in Ark Genesis. You can use Shell Fragment for many purposes in the game. This Ark Genesis guide includes all the details that will help you find and use Shell Fragment, including a link that will take you to our Megachelon taming guide.

Where to find Shell Fragments in Ark Genesis

The main focus of Shell Fragment is crafting. It can be used to craft many other items including Chitin, Megachelon Platform Saddle, Wood Ocean Platform, Araneo Saddle, Argentavis Saddle, Blood Extraction Syringe, Cementation Paste , Gacha Saddle, Gasbags Saddle, Kaprosuchus Saddle, Lymantria Saddle, Managarmr Saddle, Pelagornis Saddle, Pteranodon Saddle, SCUBA Flippers, Silencer Attachment, Snow Owl Saddle, and Velonasaur Saddle.

Shell Fragment also serves as a chitin substitute. So if you don’t have enough chitin, you can use Shell Fragment as a replacement. You can also mix shell fragments with chitin in an industrial grinder.

Finding a Shell Fragment can be found very easily in Ark Genesis Part 1. If you want to find a Shell Fragment, you must kill Megachelon. The Megachelon is located in Ark: Genesis’ new ocean biome, which can be teleported using HLNA. Their size makes them easy to spot when they spawn, although you may have to look for them in the waters a bit. Their massive shells allow them to break through the surface from time to time.

To craft Shell Fragment, start hitting Megachelon with a weapon. We prefer a hatchet. Once you’ve equipped this weapon and found Megachelon, begin by approaching this creature. Once you’re close, start hitting Megachelon repeatedly. You will continue to earn Shell Fragments by hitting this creature repeatedly.