Between remote learning and after-school homework, a work-from-home nook is essential for school-aged kids in 2022. While a pint-sized desk anchors the operation, a equally important is a decent office chair. Like standard desk chairs, the best desk chairs for kids are designed to be comfortable and provide good support when kids are leaning towards their laptops or poring over their papers. And while your child With a bit of luck won’t spend as many hours at the desk as the average adult, a quality kids desk chair can prevent unnecessary pain, especially after a full day in the classroom.

Of course, you can try out MacGyver’s current seating options to find something that’s right for your little student. But there are also chairs you can buy online that are designed to meet your child’s specific ergonomic needs. Here are some of the best kids desk chairs to get you started, along with some expert advice.

Best Kids Desk Chair Overall

An affordable, adjustable chair with wheels

Main characteristics:

  • Padded seat
  • wheels
  • Height adjustable
  • 180 pound weight limit

Much like a typical standard task chair – just designed for smaller bodies – this study chair ticks all the right boxes. A sturdy backrest helps support your child as they learn, while a 360-degree swivel and wheeled bottom allows for easy movement. An adjustable height feature lets you get the positioning just right (and continue to adjust as they grow), plus a 180-pound weight limit means most kids can fit in there. sit safely until their teenage years.

Compared to other models, this sub-$60 price tag is impressive. Just note that the price varies by color, and right now this pretty periwinkle blue is the best deal.

Best Budget Kids Desk Chair

A surprisingly artistic chair for children

Main characteristics:

  • Lightweight
  • Easy to clean
  • cute design
  • 165 pound weight limit

If your young child needs a seat to finish a worksheet or doodle in a coloring book, these adorable elephant chairs will do the trick. and looks cute. Despite their small size (about 16 inches deep, 19 inches wide, and 22 inches tall), these chairs can support an impressive 165 pounds. The rounded back is designed to keep kids comfortable, and the UV-resistant plastic can be wiped clean to look like new (because you know spills and splatters will happen). Since they come in a two-pack, you’ll have an extra chair to put in a playroom or second kid’s room.

Best Adjustable Desk Chair for Kids

An ergonomic office chair with impressive adjustability


Main characteristics:

  • Integrated footrest
  • Highly adjustable
  • wheels
  • 180 pound weight limit

When you really want to splash out, the Sidiz Ringo chair is there. It has enough adjustment options to keep your kids comfortable, especially as they grow: it’s both height and depth adjustable, and the built-in footrest can be moved around to promote a good posture. It’s one of the most ergonomic child seats you’ll find, so for youngsters who could sit for hours, this chair is worth the higher price tag.

Best Classic Style Kids Desk Chair

A child’s version of a traditional style

Main characteristics:

  • Steel base
  • Height adjustable
  • 9 upholstery options
  • 300 pound weight limit

Let Pottery Barn create a kid’s version of a classic. The Square Upholstered Office Chair is a best-seller, offering a clean-lined silhouette and quality construction. It has a sturdy steel base, it swivels, has casters and its seat is height adjustable. It’s as fun as it is functional, with nine upholstery styles ranging from traditional twill to cotton candy sherpa. Although it’s a bit of a splurge, its adjustable features and impressive 300-pound weight limit mean your child can use it for years, and you can use it, too.

Best Desk Chair Duo for Kids

An easy to clean set, perfect for the craft table

Main characteristics:

  • Beech wood legs
  • Easy to clean
  • Ideal for 5 to 7 year olds
  • 200 pound weight limit

Although the Mack & Milo Coe kids desk chairs aren’t adjustable, they’re the perfect duo to complement your child’s craft table or tea party setup. They’re built to last with beech wood legs, plus the curved plastic back and padded PU leather seat are easy to wipe clean. So go ahead and let your little Picasso (and a sibling or friend) use all the paints – and sit comfortably – while creating their masterpieces.

Best Kids Desk Chair with Back Support

Its ergonomic shape and mobile seat relieve the back

Main characteristics:

  • Ergonomic design
  • Height adjustable
  • wheels
  • 150 pound weight limit

The Isabelle & Max ergonomic children’s desk does more than watch fresh, it is specially designed to take away tension from the middle and lower back. Although it has a slender spine, the ergonomic shape and seat height adjustment of this chair will allow your student to maintain good posture and maintain pressure on their back. The wheels are a bonus feature for kids who might need to roll from here to there. According to the listing, this pick is ideal for kids ages 8 to 12, and it’s important to note its 150-pound weight limit before buying.

Expert advice for choosing the best desk chairs for kids

In shape

When looking for a chair that is right for your child’s height and stature, the main goal is to keep them in the proper position to prevent aches and pains. Dr. Tom Oddo, a chiropractor, certified ergonomic assessment specialist and certified strength and conditioning specialist, shares some tips. “The chair should be able to be adjusted to a height where the child’s feet can be placed flat on the floor with the knees and hips bent about 90 degrees,” he says. Additionally, “The seat pan should slope downward in the front so that there is no contact stress on the back of the knees.”

For a customizable fit, especially for kids who can sit for hours, adjustable chairs will be your best bet. These include the FurnitureR Writing Task Chair, Ringo children’s office chair SIDIZ, Square Pottery Barn Kids Padded Desk Chair and Ergonomic office chair for children Isabelle & Maxall mentioned above.


In terms of ergonomics, the material also comes into play. “The chair should be made from a material that provides firm support but is flexible enough that there is no contact stress from the surface” , advises Dr. Oddo. “An easy way to tell if the surface is too firm is to find out if it is painful to sit in good posture for more than a few minutes. Similarly, if the material of the chair is too soft, it will be difficult get into a good sitting position from the start.”

You’ll also want to consider the feel; mesh materials will help keep kids cool and soft sherpa fabrics provide a more comfortable feel. It may be important for you to find a chair with certified safe materials, such as our choose from Pottery Barnwhich is both Oeko-Tex and Greenguard Gold certified.


When considering durability, the sturdiness of the base and the weight limit must be taken into account, but the same goes for the cleaning capacity. For example, if you’re looking for an addition to a craft table for a small child or toddler, an easy-to-wipe plastic chair, like the Amazon Basics Elephant Desk Chair Setor covered with plastic and PU leather Mack & Milo Coe Kids Desk Chair Setshould be a first choice.

other considerations

Other features to consider include whether your child would benefit from a wheeled chair or be safer on a stationary base. the Sidiz Ringo children’s desk chair has a built-in footrest that can significantly help with posture, and armrests may also be preferred (or not) by your child.