The Gazette is delighted to present a new segment highlighting the latest companies that have opened their doors in the region; and also say goodbye to those who have left our community.

If you know of a new business that has just arrived or has recently closed, please let us know by email. [email protected], with “Business Buzz” as the subject line.

Aerial view of real estate

Woodpecker Drone Services opened in July, providing urban residential aerial imagery to real estate agents or homeowners.

“It’s all about aerial imagery, whether it’s photography or video,” Robert Bruce Specht said of his one-man operation.

Drone operation began as a hobby in the winter of 2020. Taking advantage of St. Albert’s vibrant real estate market, Specht is building awareness with local real estate agents checking out infrastructure or needing promotional material.

The home-based business is available at 780-913-3142.

Warmth of wooden housewares

Energy Engineer Scott Johnson turned his woodworking skills to SJ Woodworking. The self-taught craftsman creates high-end custom woodwork specializing in deli boards, cutting boards and souvenir boxes.

“It was a hobby initially, then I decided to make some money with it,” Johnson said. “There is something relaxing about feeling the grain of raw wood in my hands after a long day at work. ”

The information is on the online store

The Latin convenience store

St. Albert expanded its network of specialty stores when Tienda Latina opened in June. Owner-operator Adriana Villeda grew up in Mexico City and came to Saint-Albert via Montreal.

Located on Gervais Road, the small grocery store offers an assortment of food items from Mexico, Colombia, Brazil, El Salvador, Honduras and Nicaragua. Villeda’s most popular sales are fresh tacos, pupas and tamalas, which are cooked daily.

“These are fresh Mexican tacos. It’s not El Paso. Canadians love the flavors of Mexico, ”she said.

Tienda Latina is located at 1000 Tudor Glen Place.

Support the needs of commercial doors

Mike Zary, Founder and Owner of Doorwest Services, retired this year after installing and maintaining commercial doors for 35 years.

The new owners, Terry Chevalier and Daniel Juthner, took over the business in July and provide services for a variety of business operations. Specialists in heavy lifting, they work with aircraft hangar doors, steel rolling doors, steel sliding doors and air curtain doors found in grocery stores, to name a few. .

“Our goal is to keep the business running. It was founded on honesty and integrity, and we will continue to do so, ”Juthner said.

Doorwest Services is located at bay 13 – 30, rue Chevigny.

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