CHESTERVILLE – The annual municipal meeting will be held at 7 p.m. on Monday, March 21 at City Hall, 409 Dutch Gap Road.

Voters will act on budget items, a proposed ordinance and the possible continuation of the city’s participation in Maine’s public employee retirement system.

The first article to be enacted concerns the consecration and naming of the town hall. The Select Committee plans to amend the article to indicate who it would be nominated for.

“It was at the request of a board member,” Board Chair Tiffany Estabrook said Wednesday, March 17. “He is a person who has given years of service to the city.”

The select council and the budget committee have recommended different amounts for certain budget lines. If all above amounts are approved, the 2022 budget without funds for Capital Roads Projects would be $925,667.

Two options are offered for these projects this year – a base offering of $399,614 or the base plus an additional alternative offering totaling $653,047. Last year, $250,000 was approved for capital road projects.

“Because we have such diverse opinions on roads, we wanted to have that option,” Estabrook said. A spreadsheet of the work to be done is on pages 51-52 of the city report with the roads listed in detail to give townspeople more accurate information, she noted.

If voters approved all of the proposed higher amounts and the base bid for roads, the 2022 budget would be $1.3 million, excluding county and school taxes. This would be an 18% increase over the $1.1 million spending plan approved last year. The increase from last year would be 43.6% if the higher amount of road projects were approved.

Action on the city’s participation in Maine’s public employee retirement system is a housekeeping matter, Estabrook said. “This was put in place by a previous council, never acted upon by the city,” she noted.

“Does the city want to move forward with offering this to its employees, it hasn’t been done in a while,” Treasurer Erin Norton said. No employee chose to use it, the city thinks it is necessary, she added.

Another housekeeping matter is approval of the City of Chesterville Fire Department’s ordinance, Estabrook said. In 1986, when the city accepted the fire department as a municipality, there was no ordinance, she said. “According to state laws, we must have a prescription to accompany this,” she added.

Voters will be asked to add funds to the fire department’s capital reserve. Budget committee recommends $10,000, board restricts $20,000.

“The fire department actually asked for $40,000,” Estabrook said. “The Select Board recommended $20,000 in hopes of getting something done, not being left behind in 20 years.

The account currently has a balance of $22,497.36.

“We need to start putting something aside for the future,” she noted. “Twenty thousand dollars over five years will get us on the right track.”

Three papers seek the appropriation of American Rescue Plan Act funds – $32,500 for the purchase of the leased 2006 GMC 4500 dump truck, sander and plow, plus $10,000 each for the heating/furnace of the fire station and the roadside garage.

Chesterville will receive about $142,000 in ARPA funds, Estabrook said.

Voters will also be asked to authorize the select council to enter into a contract with the Regional School Unit 9 Vocational and Technical Center Forestry Department to teach, implement and maintain a sound forest management plan for the properties. owned by the city. Timber revenues would go into the reserve for capital improvements.

The city has two woodlots of approximately 90 acres.

Instructor Rodney Spiller said he would give a presentation on the proposal.

“We did road works there,” he said.

Last fall, students in the program learned their trade while helping to clear the sides of Borough Road. At that time, Estabrook and Councilor Tim LeSiege contacted Spiller about the town woodlots.

Last year, voters said no to implementing a healthy timber harvesting program on city-owned properties.

Vote down, bring it back another year with some numbers so we know what’s needed, a resident said then.

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