A convicted bouncer who raped a woman at a Christmas party was working illegally as a doorman.

Evil predator Iyoseph Derry preyed on his victim before sexually assaulting him in a car.

The 33-year-old had previously been jailed for assaulting his ex-girlfriend and arms dealing, Reporting live from Birmingham.

Despite his previous crimes preventing him from getting a security license, he was able to get a job as a door monitor at the Banjul nightclub in Wolverhampton.

It was during his shift here that he and fellow bouncer Hassan Bockarie targeted the vulnerable party girl, watching her grow increasingly drunk.

The twisted pair was jailed for a total of 18 years for the February attacks, with Derry’s photo evoking trauma for his first victim – a woman whose eye socket he broke a week ago in 2006.

When she heard how her attacker had raped the clubber, the mother ‘felt she could still smell him and feel him breathing down her neck’.

“If he wasn’t working illegally this would never have happened. People like him will never stop,” the survivor of Derry’s first attack, who did not wish to be named, told BirminghamLive.

She said when she was 19, she was left with a “golf ball-sized eye” after he “broke my eye socket, m ‘dented my skull and slit my throat with a knife’ in a terrifying attack.

The Banjul nightclub has since closed after its license was revoked in 2019.

He was jailed for an extended nine-year prison term for intentional injury and death threats.

Derry was released from prison and later applied for a license with the Security Industry Authority – who confirmed he had never held a license with them.

His request was denied “due to his previous convictions”.

And while the mitigation could be submitted after a denial, Derry’s application was automatically denied due to the lengthy sentence on his record.

A spokesperson for the Security Industry Authority confirmed today: “Iyoseph Derry was never licensed by the Security Industry Authority and was therefore working illegally as a gate supervisor at the time of this offence. Mr Derry applied to the SIA for a license in 2018.

“We have denied his request based on his prior convictions. According to our licensing criteria (as published in ‘ Get a license’page 29) a custodial sentence of more than 48 months leads to a refusal.

“Applicants may be able to submit a mitigation depending on when the breach occurred. This was not an option for Mr. Derry as his request was automatically denied.”

But that didn’t stop him from seeking and getting a job at the Banjul nightclub – where he found his victim while working on the doorstep in December 2018.

The crime-affected location was subject to a licensing review after three serious incidents, including a stabbing, in 2019.

Hassan Bockarie and Iyoseph Derry.
Hassan Bockarie and Iyoseph Derry.

It has since closed after its license was revoked, West Midlands Police have confirmed.

Derry was found guilty of rape, as well as aiding and abetting, and jailed for ten years in February this year.

“As soon as I saw his face in the newspaper, I felt like I was seeing the same pain again. It was horrible,” recalls Derry’s first victim, who is still recovering from the trauma.

“The woman who was raped by him, I guarantee you she would probably have mentioned the same look – he has that look and it’s just pure evil. The look, that anger he had in his eyes when he was hitting me and I was screaming.”

She added ‘he’s not learning’, relying on his January 2021 sentence after 150 envelopes of Class A drugs, worth £1,500, were found hidden in Kinder eggs and the pockets of his jacket.

When he was cleared for dealing crack cocaine and heroin, Derry had 12 convictions on his record for 30 offenses, including violence and weapons.

He had been arrested in Swindon just months after being released from an extended sentence and, while out on bail on drug trafficking charges, was jailed for five years at Stafford Crown Court for possession of a handgun.

Speaking about his previous convictions, the survivor of Derry’s first attack added: “This advice is for all women, use Clare’s Law which says you can do background checks on a person.

“Use the things that are put in front of you because when you don’t, that’s the kind of shit that happens. You date someone for a week and you end up with a lifelong injury and the only the person who suffers is you.

“You have to try to pick up where you left off, you have to try to find yourself again.”

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