Most of us are used to buying chocolate Easter eggs. Andri Snær Þorvaldsson, however, focuses on making another type of Easter egg, namely wooden ones.

Specialized educator during the day, who also often gives carpentry lessons, he takes advantage of his free time to create beautiful wooden objects in his garage. Among them are wooden eggs, made by woodturning.

“I have lots of ideas,” he says.


journalist Elínrós Líndal, “but because of the limited number of hours in a day, I only get a fraction of what I would like to do. In recent years I have used the lathe a lot, mainly for making bowls. I try to keep and use all the leftovers [of the wood]where the eggs come from.

He states that the shape of the eggs reminds him of Easter and that turning them, using the lathe, is ideal for practice due to their perfect shape.

He uses different types of wood to make them, and they feel silky smooth to the touch. They vary in color, weight and texture, and especially in smell.

“Among local woods, I favor birch and golden rain, and among imported woods, walnut and zebrawood,” he explains. “Then I found some interesting pieces on my shelves, like worm-eaten driftwood and teak from old chair legs.”

He states that most people who buy his eggs place them in a bowl for decoration or use them to decorate the Easter dinner table.

Andri Snær uses social media to bring attention to Icelandic woodturning and craftsmanship. “I try to share photos and information about what I make in my shop, called Smíðastofa Andra,” he notes. You can find it under this name on


and Instagram.