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Sales are increasing, after dropping for months, amid crazy prices.

By Wolf Richter for WOLF STREET.

Inventories of existing single-family homes, condominiums and co-ops increased for the fourth consecutive month. With sellers coming out of the woods and new listings have been increasing for months, now is the perfect time to sell a home. Sales edged up from the previous month, after months of steep declines that canceled out the entire pandemic peak. And the prices have skyrocketed. That’s the housing market in June, according to data from the National Association of Realtors today.

Sales of existing homes of all types rose 1.4% in June from May, after previous sharp declines, to a seasonally adjusted annual rate of 5.86 million homes, below july 2020, the month the pandemic peak in home sales began, after largely unwinding the peak that began last summer (historical data via YCharts):

The sellers are now gradually coming out of the woods. There has perhaps never been a more ideal time to sell a home: Prices have soared amid click-bait media stories of crazy auction wars where FOMO-motivated buyers are bidding n no matter what, blind inspections get canceled and sellers can get away with anything. For buyers, now is the perfect time to close a really bad deal. But whatever. For sellers, this is ideal. And sellers are starting to see it that way.

New registrations increased by 11% in June, from May, when they are normally, in the pre-pandemic years, decreases from May, with May being the seasonal peak of the year for new registrations. But not this year: 446,600 new homes went on sale in June, up 11% from May, and the most since September 2019, according to the home listings database (June is linked with a green line):

The total inventory of unsold homes on the market increased 3.3% in June from May to 1.25 million homes, the fourth consecutive month of increases. Inventories are still very low, but are at their highest since last November.

The supply of unsold homes on the market reached 2.6 months, the fifth consecutive month of increase and the highest supply since last September (data via YCharts):

For people who bought a home, the meme during the pandemic has been not to put the previous now vacant home on the market, but rather to put up price spikes before selling it. This calculation has worked so far.

But surveys of homeowners, including a survey of homeowners conducted by the NAR, show that a much larger proportion than the typical proportion of homeowners plan to sell their homes in the next 12 months, more than half of d ‘between them planning to list their home this fall. And now we see the first glimpses of the meme rollover.

In Fannie Mae’s latest monthly national housing survey, the percentage of people who said it was a ‘bad time to buy a home’ soared for the third consecutive month to a skyrocketing 64%, respondents citing house prices as the predominant reason. This survey was created during the real estate crisis, and the data only dates back to 2010.

And a record 77% of those surveyed said it was the ‘right time to sell a house’:

Investors and cash buyers were important, but mortgage applications fell to 2019 levels. In June, 23% of sales were entirely in cash, as in May, and up from 16% in June 2020. This includes institutional investors who can borrow institutionally, rather than through mortgages for each home, and this includes individual investors and second home buyers who have the cash or can borrow against their portfolio and get a mortgage later.

With cash buyers in droves, mortgage applications to buy a home more than dissipated the pandemic peak. The Mortgage Bankers Association Weekly Purchase Mortgage Index in recent weeks has been mostly lower than the same period in 2019 (data via

Crazy prices continued. The median price of existing homes climbed 23.4% in June, compared to June of last year. The previously typical seasonal fluctuations have been completely abolished since March 2020, an indication of the evolution of the housing market.

The seasonal price spikes until 2019 occurred in June and prices started to decline seasonally in July. A price drop in July this year would indicate a return to seasonality, which would be a first step back from the madness (data via YCharts):

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Select Council Agenda – July 26, 2021 | Falmouth Details and Documents Fri, 23 Jul 2021 04:34:28 +0000

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Marquetry at the center of the presentation | Local News Wed, 21 Jul 2021 14:00:00 +0000

A presentation on inlay will highlight the Western Piedmont Woodcrafters Club meeting on Saturday, July 24 at 9:30 a.m. at Klingspor Carpentry Shop, 856 21st Street Drive SE, Hickory. Meetings are open to the public.

Charlie Brown, club president and accomplished carpenter, will cover many aspects of the marquetry, the arts and crafts of cutting and inlaying pieces of wood veneer and other materials in a background for form decorative patterns, designs or images.

The technique can be applied to furniture, small decorative items, or a stand to create a freestanding image. Brown will create a basic inlay image and discuss the tools, methods, and materials needed to complete inlay projects. The image created during the demo will be given for the raffle which will be organized at the end of the meeting.

Members and visitors are encouraged to bring in completed carpentry projects to showcase in the show and tell portion of the program. Everyone will have the opportunity to offer comments and ask questions about the presentations, material presented and other topics. Members are encouraged to donate items such as tools and wood for raffle prizes at the meeting.

The club consists of approximately 70 Hickory area carpenters of all skill levels, from amateurs to professionals. The club usually meets on the fourth Saturday of each month at the Klingspor Carpentry Shop in Hickory. The exceptions are the annual off-site picnic, the October Klingspor Woodworking Extravaganza and a combined November / December meeting.

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Haringey’s council investigates rapper Wood Green’s land deal Wed, 21 Jul 2021 10:13:00 +0000

In 2019, Haringey Council donated a business park to a local rapper, Smurfie Syco, at zero rent. Two years later, the site was decimated and the board’s decision-making was the subject of an internal investigation.

“In 2017, I had an encounter with God,” says Teriy Keys. “It was surreal.”

It’s Monday July 19th and Teriy has invited Ham & High for a tour of a run down courtyard on Station Road, hidden between a row of shops and Alexandra Palace Station.

Formerly a rapper, signed to Dizzee Rascal’s label as Smurfie Syco, Teriy says his “epiphany” came after visiting the site to use a recording studio.

He had toured with Dizzee and attended the Brit Awards – but upon returning home and seeing his struggling peers, he said he realized, “I need to be physically in my community to do Something.”

Two years later it was installed by Haringey Council as a tenant-owner at 141 Station Road, tasked with turning it into a youth center.

“The vision for this is New Eden,” he said. “At the end of the day, it’s supposed to be a botanical garden with beautiful wooden chairs, wind chimes, seasonally changing murals, people from the community raising their children here.”

But today that Eden has, in Teriy’s words, been “wiped out”.

Empty alcohol bottles are strewn everywhere. Garbage is piling up. The ground is littered with cans of nitrous oxide, also known as “hippie crack”.

Cans of nitrous oxide – or hippie crack – and the balloons used to inhale the gas litter the ground at 141 Station Road.
– Credit: Polly Hancock

Teriy attributes the destruction to the criminals, who he says are engaged in a “targeted” campaign against him, breaking and entering, throwing parties and even changing the locks.

He claims to have been banned from his own recording studio since April.

They see him as an easy target, he says, because he is openly religious. It left him “broken”.

But, he adds: “This property is a community asset. If I take it out and give it back to the board, it’ll fall into their business portfolio … It’ll be lost. God did not bring me into this space to fail.

Garbage bags containing empty bottles outside the

Garbage – including empty liquor bottles and cans of nitrous oxide, outside the recording studio, Teriy says he’s on lockdown now.
– Credit: Polly Hancock

Barely 24 hours later, Ham & High learned that Teriy had already been ordered to return the keys and leave the site.

It was due out on July 15 – the same day he invited us on a tour.

Teriy’s lease is now the subject of an internal council investigation.

Video surveillance

The investigation was triggered by Ham & High.

In June, we were approached by Eugene Lebedenko, who began renting accommodation at 141 Station Road to the previous tenant-owner in 2018.

Since 2019, he has complained persistently to Haringey’s council that the site has become a hub for anti-social behavior, including late-night parties, drug use, and strangers entering the yard and behaving in threatening ways.

Twice this year, Eugene sent CCTV footage of criminal activity at the site to Haringey’s council.

It showed a series of illegal parties during the coronavirus restrictions, where attendees appeared to snort drugs.

On New Year’s Day, two men were filmed overpowering and beating a third man.

Haringey’s counsel says he missed Eugene’s videos but, after Ham & High asked questions about them, passed them on to the Metropolitan Police.


“I was the one being attacked,” Teriy said.

He claims he came to the yard on New Years Day to pray and encountered intruders.

“These guys are addicted to cocaine, drugs,” he continues. “Their eyes are glassy. Offensive speech. And I am attacked by them and I am very sober.

He says he has been in “constant contact” with the police about break-ins.

“I call the police, I get no support,” he says. “January 1, police report. April 6, police report … Nothing. The police won’t arrest anyone.

Met police say they have no record of any reported incidents in the yard on Jan.1 or April 6.

CCTV 141 route de la gare

Teriy says he is the man seen being beaten in CCTV footage, after he came across intruders on New Years Day.
– Credit: Eugène Lebedenko

A break-in was reported on July 2 – two days after Ham & High reported on Eugene’s CCTV – but the case was closed, pending further investigation opportunities.

Although Teriy denies any guilt for the incidents filmed by Eugene’s CCTV, he was in charge of the site.

“We expect all tenants of council-owned properties to adhere to appropriate standards of behavior,” said council head Peray Ahmet.

“When allegations are made against an individual or an organization, it would be normal procedure for us to investigate and make the right decision. “

The council has also launched an investigation into how Teriy first became a homeowner.

Messy shipping container in the back garden at 141 Station Road

The interior of Teriy’s recording studio, which he claims criminals ransacked and locked up, photographed through an opening in the door.
– Credit: Polly Hancock


In 2017, Teriy appeared in a documentary called TOTTENHAM x TERIY, talking about an organization he founded called ROAD (Righteous Organized Always Defined).

He described it as a music business and social enterprise that offered professional qualifications in music production, videography, photography, and business.

On September 18, 2019, the tenants of 141 Station Road were informed that ROAD was their new owner.

But an investigation initiated by the council’s new political leadership has raised questions about the bidding process.

In spring 2019, existing tenants were invited to bid to become tenant-lessor.

Eugene kept correspondence showing the winner was supposed to pay £ 10,000 in rent per year, plus business rates.

It has since appeared that Haringey gave the site to ROAD for nothing.

It also appears that there was no organization called ROAD at the time.

Teriy – registered with Companies House as Teriy-Severo Kiiza – established a company called Righteous Organized Always Defined Ltd in 2011.

But it was listed as dormant every year from 2012 to 2015, then was compulsorily written off in 2016 due to inactivity.

In 2016 and 2017, he created three other companies – ROAD Visual Arts Limited, ROAD Academy and Training Center and 1 ROAD Training Limited.

They were automatically canceled in 2017 and 2018, having never filed accounts.

Teriy Keys in the back garden at 141 Station Road

Teriy poses in her ROAD vest – but questions have been asked about ROAD and how Haringey’s advice came to name it owner.
– Credit: Polly Hancock

Royal connections

Companies House records show that in 2014, Teriy gave her name as HRH Prince Teriy-Severo Keys.

He registered the following companies under the name Teriy-Severo Kiiza Esquire.

His LinkedIn profile claims that in 2014 he was granted the freedom of the City of London by Her Majesty the Queen, allowing him to use the title Esquire.

The Royal Household says the City of London gives this award, not the Queen.

The City of London has no record of Teriy receiving the award.

Teriy told Ham & High that he would answer questions about these issues in writing, but he did not.

Paul Sherring, who ran a Kombucha business from the site, has made repeated complaints of deteriorating conditions after ROAD took over.

“Surely you would have thought that the board would check someone’s validity before giving them the contract for a plot,” he said. “It doesn’t seem to me that they’ve done their homework.

In addition to not checking ROAD, Paul believes the board has ignored complaints about the site under his management.

“It just got worse and worse,” he says. “They were making more and more noise. There were drunk and stoned people wandering around and doing what they wanted, when they wanted. It was just anarchy. There was no one in charge. “

Rates 141 Route de la Gare

Tenant Eugene Lebedenko photographed a food and drink price list pinned to a wall after a night out at 141 Station Road.
– Credit: Eugène Lebedenko


“In 2017, when I came to this site, I just had a revelation,” Teriy says.

“I was making music, I was doing fine… But I just had an epiphany and I was like, you know what – shutting down all the businesses. Do not deposit accounts. No. I’m just shutting it all off. Sell ​​stuff. Get money, buy equipment – I open a studio and I come into the community and do something for the people.

He insists he “never took a dime out of this place,” though he goes on to say that he charged rent to a barber and billed for time spent in the studio.

When asked how he reported this income, he produced a debit card from an online bank, which he said is his “community organizer account”.

The name printed on the card is “African Development UN”. When asked what the UN stands for, he said he didn’t know.

“This money was directly reinvested in the site, so there was no profit or anything like that,” he says.

When asked how he maintains himself, he replies: “I have succeeded in music. I always get my royalties and my streams. So I take my own money and put it in.

By becoming a homeowner, he said, he knew he would meet “a new level of opposition.”

“New levels, new demons,” he explains. “I know what is going on are powers and principalities in high places and their focus is not me. They just want that trump card.

Teriy Keys in the back garden at 141 Station Road

Teriy Keys says he wants to turn 141 Station Road into a “new Eden” where residents can raise their children.
– Credit: Polly Hancock

The board

“Whenever concerns are raised about how our business processes work, we will look at whether improvements can be made in the future and we do so in that case,” says Cllr Ahmet.

“In addition, we have already tightened our property governance agreements around the rental of properties and their day-to-day management.

“We granted ROAD permission to occupy the site at 14 Station Road in good faith in 2019, because they had done positive work with young people in the region.

“The council seeks to support community organizations in a number of ways, including allowing them to use buildings that would otherwise be vacant pending redevelopment.”

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NAWARA | Colorado County Citizen Wed, 21 Jul 2021 09:00:00 +0000

James Carroll Nawara, 86, of New Ulm, Texas, died on July 15, 2021 in Columbus, Texas. On April 12, 1935, he was born to Joseph C. Nawara and Minnie Leona (Maricle) Nawara in Mooreville, Texas. On November 2, 1958, he married Janie Mae Jezek.

James worked as a maintenance worker for Gulf State Tubing in Rosenberg and retired on May 31, 1998. He spent time in the military from 1956 to 1962. He was a member of St. John’s Lutheran Church in New Ulm. James enjoyed sports of all types, camping, fishing and woodworking. He also enjoyed his annual fall trips to the Colorado mountains with his cousins.

James is survived by his daughter Karen Kilian and her husband Daniel; his son Loran Nawara and his wife Oneida; grandchildren JD Kilian and wife Ashley, Lisa Bubert and husband Patrick, April Johnson, Jacey Nawara and wife Adriana, Gabe Toledo and wife Shayna, and Nicole Voitle; great-grandchildren Christa Kilian, Jacob Kilian, Jocelyn Lewis, Marc Lewis, Malachi Johnson, Sania Johnson and Tyler Toledo.

He was predeceased by his parents Joseph C. Nawara and Minnie Leona Nawara; wife Janie Nawara; sisters Nala Miller, Bettye Meyer and Lanell Torpy.

Visitations will be held on Saturday, July 24, 2021 from 9:00 am to 10:00 am at St. John’s Lutheran Church in New Ulm, Texas.

The funeral will be on Saturday, July 24, 2021 at 10:00 am at St. John’s Lutheran Church, New Ulm, under the direction of Henneke Funeral Home. Pastor Jill Vivroux will officiate.

Interment will be held at New Ulm Cemetery in New Ulm, Texas.

The carriers are JD Kilian, Jacey Nawara, Jacob Kilian, Danny Miller, Kenny Meyer and Reagan Meyer. The honorary bearers are Patrick Bubert and Gabe Toledo.

Memorials can be delivered at Hospice Brazos Valley, 1048 N. Jefferson, La Grange, TX 78945 or at St. John Lutheran Church, PO Box 1270, New Ulm, TX 78950.

Online condolences can be presented at www.henneke funé

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Global Hangar Design Software Market 2021 to witness massive growth with high CAGR value Tue, 20 Jul 2021 21:11:15 +0000

The World Report Hangar Design Software Market has been provided by researchers for a detailed understanding of the market performance over an estimated period of 2021 to 2026. However, this report has introduced a brief overview to provide the reader with better insight into this report. This brief description contains a basic definition of the product or service studied in the report. Along with this, it also contains a summary of the main applications of this product or service in various industrial sectors. In addition, market research experts also provided information about the manufacture or production of the product or service and its distribution strategy.

Other significant factors studied in the Global Hangar Design Software Market report include demand and supply dynamics, industry processes, import and export scenarios, R&D development activities and cost structures. Besides, this report also calculates demand and supply figures for consumption, production costs, gross profit margins and selling price of products.

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The segmentation chapters allow the readers to understand aspects of the market such as its products, available technology, and applications. These chapters are written to describe their development over the years and the course they are likely to take in the years to come. The research report also provides detailed information on new trends that could define the development of these segments in the coming years.

Hangar Design Software Market Segmentation:

Hangar Design Software Market, By Application (2016-2027)

  • Designers
  • Amateurs
  • Other

Hangar Design Software Market, By Product (2016-2027)

Major Players Operating in the Hangar Design Software Market:

  • Chief architect
  • hangar boss
  • Fair Dinkum Hangars
  • SketchUp
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Company Profiles – This is a very important section of the report which contains accurate and detailed profiles for the major players in the global Hangar Design Software Market. It provides information on core business, markets, gross margin, revenue, price, production, and other factors that define the market development of the players studied in the Shed Design Software Market report.

Global Hangar Design Software Market: Regional Segments

Different sections on regional segmentation give regional aspects of the Global Hangar Design Software Market. This chapter describes the regulatory structure likely to have an impact on the entire market. It highlights the political landscape of the market and predicts its influence on the global Hangar Design Software market.

  • North America (United States, Canada)
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  • Middle East and Africa

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  4. To define, describe, and forecast the market by product type, market applications, and key regions.

This report includes the market size estimate for Value (Million USD) and Volume (K units). Top-down and bottom-up approaches have been used to estimate and validate the market size of the Shed Design Software market, to estimate the size of various other dependent submarkets in the overall market. Major market players were identified by secondary research, and their market shares were determined by primary and secondary research. All percentages, divisions and distributions were determined using secondary sources and verified primary sources.

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Chapter 1. Research methodology and data sources

Chapter 2. Executive summary

Chapter 3. Hangar Design Software Market: Industry Analysis

Chapter 4. Hangar Design Software Market: Product Information

Chapter 5. Hangar Design Software Market: Application Information

Chapter 6. Hangar Design Software Market: Regional Information

Chapter 7. Hangar Design Software Market: Competitive Landscape

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Bitten in Halpatiokee Park, victim of Robert Bassett stable Tue, 20 Jul 2021 19:17:52 +0000

MARTIN COUNTY – A man from Palm City bitten by an alligator on Monday in Halpatiokee Regional Park is stable, being treated for non-life threatening injuries to his right torso and thigh.

Robert Bassett, 74, was airlifted to Lawnwood Regional Medical Center & Heart Institute in Fort Pierce after losing control of his bike on a wooden bridge around 11 a.m., landing on a female alligator about 8 feet tall.

Bassett is an “experienced” cyclist, who biked Halpatiokee Park almost every day and was familiar with the trails, said Jeff Maher, friend and owner of Bikes Plus in Palm City.

More ► Cyclist bitten by alligator at Halpatiokee Park in Martin County

Sharks, alligator, snakes:and Headwaters Lake make the headlines outdoors

Crocodile:Crikey! Crocodile named after Steve Irwin spotted 3 times in 3 weeks on Treasure Coast

“I’ve never seen someone so happy to be on the bike,” Maher said, adding that Bassett visited his store frequently and was always looking to improve his cycling game.

A female alligator over 8 feet long, pictured above, was captured alive in Halpatiokee Park on Monday, July 19, 2021 after biting a man who fell from his bike, according to Martin County Sheriff officials.  Two other alligators in the ferry were from residential stops made by the trapper before arriving at the park.

A Martin County Sheriff’s deputy told Maher that Bassett is stable, he said, but does not know the extent of his injuries.

Maher hopes this traumatic incident won’t deter Bassett’s love of the sport, but isn’t sure what repercussions it will have.

“I know that with his enthusiasm and the love of (cycling) he had, it would be difficult to get him off the bike,” Maher said.