Local brands join the non-alcoholic craze

Deschutes Black Butte Non-Alcoholic

One of Oregon’s oldest and most prolific brewers, Deschutes, has also joined the alcohol-free movement, and for good reason. According to Forbes, since the lockdowns began in early 2020, the focus on non-alcoholic beverages has increased dramatically. In 2020, “near” beer sales grew 44% in the United States alone. No kidding. Black Butte Non-Alcoholic tastes so much like the original Porter – America’s best-selling porter – you’ll wonder if you’ve been cheated. Also discover Deschutes Irish Style Dark, Bend Brewery’s first NA beer released in 2020.


Project Crux Fermentation Nø Mø

Crux Fermentation Project founder and brewmaster Larry Sidor is trying to keep pace with the non-alcoholic sector, the fastest growing segment of craft beer. After years of perfecting the method, the team at Crux have mastered the process. Bend Brewery now produces two such beers under the Nø Mø brand: an IPA and, more recently, a misty IPA. Made with traditional ingredients, Nø Mø’s Hazy features BRU-1 and Sabro hops for major tropical flavors with hints of pineapple and coconut. The original IPA uses Citra and Mosaic hops. The two “close” beers contain only 30 calories.


Orange Dhos

Handcrafted by The Great Oregon Wine Company & Distillery at Ransom Organic Farm in Sheridan, Dhos Orange is a revolutionizing triple sec alternative to the skinny margarita with zero sugar and only five calories. Viscous and rich, the silky liqueur tastes of fresh oranges, tangerines and bitter citrus pith, with cucumber zest adding an exotic, slightly green quality. Secondary flavors of sweet vanilla, fresh citrus blossoms and orange sherbet develop on the palate with a hint of menthol and warming spice on the finish. Other Dhos products include Bittersweet and Gin-Free.


Wilderton Land

With Oregon’s adventurous spirit as their muse, founders Seth O’Malley and Brad Whiting began a two-year experiment to create spirits with unique flavor and complexity that would enhance mocktails. Mission accomplished. Wilderton Earthen Zero-Proof Alcohol promises a sensual, woodsy alternative to your mocktail repertoire. Warm on the palate, the robust spirit – containing white pepper, pine-smoked tea, cardamom and other botanicals – shows notes of exotic spices, wood and smoke. Also try Luster.