Carpenters in Final Fantasy XIV will need to procure Hardened Sap Charges to refine the types of wood used in crafting pieces of furniture and airships.

Hardened sap is a reagent in Final Fantasy XIV used to refine lumber, namely spruce, cassia and cryptomeria. To treat any of these types of wood with this reagent, carpenters will need hardened sap ×9 for each plank of wood. As a result, woodworkers who make and process these three types of wood will need an abundance of this particular sap.

Hardened sap in Final Fantasy XIV can be obtained mainly by three methods. The first and easiest is to buy it from other players through the Market Board. Although the price varies depending on data center and demand, most servers will usually have the resource for sale between 510 and 599 Gil each. However, keep in mind that nine Sap Tufts are required for a single Wood Refinement. Therefore, one could consider the cost to be around 5,000 Gil for a single “full” set of Hardened Sap.

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Another way to get hardened sap Final Fantasy XIV is by trading Ixali Oaknot ×1 with the Ixali Vendor in North Shroud at X:24.9, Y:22.7. However, this method would require players to unlock the Ixali Beast Tribe quests and be in good standing with the clan. To access the Ixali Beast Tribe in FFXIVWarriors of Light must complete a strangely named side quest called “A bad bladder.” This mission begins a quest chain that can be triggered by speaking with Scarlet, an NPC in New Gridania at X:9.9, Y:11.4.

How to get Hardened Sap in Final Fantasy XIV

How to Use Hardened Sap in FFXIV

Thirdly, Final Fantasy XIV fans can obtain Hardened Sap through Society Seals after reaching the rank of Lieutenant in his Great Company. A single piece of Sap costs Company Seals × 200, which would total 1,800 for a single Lumber refinement. Company Seals can be farmed in a number of ways, such as performing expert deliveries, handing in high-quality weaponry, or completing fighter trains. Naturally, the most “optimal” method will depend on what the player likes to do or what is most accessible to him.

Once players have purchased enough Hardened Sap, they can begin woodworking with the aforementioned Spruce, Cassia, and Cryptomeria Lumber. Treated spruce wood is used in a variety of tools and furnishing recipes in FFXIV, including several armor increases. Cassia Lumber has fewer recipes than Spruce, but is needed to craft the Orchestrion which plays music. Finally, Cryptomeria Lumber will likely be the main reason players need to acquire tons of Hardened Sap. This type of wood is heavily used in Free Company crafting, especially for building parts for an airship.

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Final Fantasy XIV is available on PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5 and PC via Steam or the official Square Enix website.

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