Whether you’re the type of person who eats fries with a ranch or a ranch with fries – if you don’t like the ranch I don’t know what to tell you – the secret to a great menu item to share will be usually the sauce. Here are five great places to find homemade sauces in Spokane.

Garland Brew Werks

A favorite on her sample tray, Garland Brew Werks’ spicy garlic sauce pairs well with tater tots and pretzel bites, but especially with beer bratwurst slices, said Chef Sheila Clifford. .

“I think a good dip should offer complexity in its flavors,” said Clifford. “It should take whatever you dip in it up a notch in terms of flavor and make you want to keep soaking.”

If you are going to: 603 W. Garland Ave., (509) 863-9419, and visit Garland Brew Werks on Facebook.

Wooden town

When you’re making all your sauces in-house, explained Wooden City owner and chef Jon Green, it’s almost too hard to pick a favorite.

Green loves the whole list, from gravy for fries and the minimalist classic ranch – excellent with wings, fries, and a pizza crust – to less traditional options. Chive oil, for example, is “amazing” on wax peppers and great for dipping bread and pizza crusts.

“Our barbecue sauce is underrated, in my opinion,” Green said. “We make it in-house, and I love it on our wings. … We also use it to baste the burger patties for the tavern burger.

Other Honorable Mentions include Garlic Aioli served with Wooden City’s Fancy Burger and Steak Frites, Hot Mustard, Tartar Sauce, Buffalo Sauce, Cocktail Sauce, Marrow Aioli bone, blue cheese and, of course, habanero sauce (whose recipe is a carefully kept secret).

If you are going to: 821 W. Riverside Ave., (509) 822-7194 and woodcityspokane.com

Heritage bar and kitchen

The Heritage Bar & Kitchen team cooks their ranch, pesto ranch, honey mustard, special sauce and tartare on site, but the chipotle ketchup – available to purchase in 16-ounce bottles – is definitely a favorite.

“It’s a little spicy, but it’s well balanced and full of flavor,” co-owners Gabe Wood and Alex King said in an email.

They use chipotle ketchup to top their hash browns and chipotle meatloaf, but they also recommend pairing it with their sweet potato fries, fried fries, and chicken dips.

If you are going to: 122 S. Monroe St., (509) 863-9235 and heritagebarandkitchen.com

Bark, a rescue pub

“I love sauces that cross multiple taste factors… whether they’re sweet and tangy, spicy and salty, or any sort of combination,” said Kayleigh Wytcherley, executive chef of Bark, A Rescue Pub.

With that in mind, she explained, the best sauce on the menu is “definitely honey mustard.”

Tangier than your typical honey mustard, the sauce has a slight kick.

“I think it pairs best with our homemade pretzel bones… our sweet potato fries and our fried pickles,” Wytcherley said.

If you are going to: 905 N. Washington St., (509) 418-2551 and barkrescuepub.com

Longhorn barbecue

“The most important thing when preparing a sauce is to keep in mind what you are going to dip in it,” said Zac Smith, Managing Partner of Longhorn Barbecue. “Does my sauce have to be sweet and salty, or does it have to have a touch of heat?” “

Smith recommends Longhorn Barbecue Original Longhorn Barbecue Sauce, served with German sausage and zesty house ranch dressing with onion rings. Sauces are also available at the Airway Heights store.

If you are going to: 2315 N. Argonne Road, (509) 924-9600 and thelonghornbbq.com/locations/spokane-valley

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