Ponda: Wood worth hundreds of thousands of rupees stored for furniture carving turned to ashes at Durgabhat, Bondbag in Ponda overnight from Wednesday to Thursday.
Saying they were made aware of the incident at a very late stage, Ponda Central Fire Station officials said that by the time they arrived at the scene, the fire had engulfed all the wood stock and some furniture that was being used. for domestic purposes on the first floor of the workshop.
Ponda Central Fire Station Divisional Officer Rajendra Haldankar said: “Residents informed the Ponda Police first, who then passed the information on to the fire station. With that, a lot of time was lost and by the time the firefighters arrived at the site, almost all the wood had turned to ash. The fire in the dried wood rages very quickly.
The owner, Nasruddin Tarnoor, used the ground floor as a carpentry workshop and lived on the upper floor. Ponda firefighters said a relative from Tarnoor, who resides in the area, said a cotton pillow caught fire due to an electrical short.
Ponda station fire officer Sushil Morajkar said he used three firefighters – one from Ponda and two from Kundaim fire station – to put out the raging fire.
“It was very difficult to drive a big fire truck into the area because the access road is very narrow,” Morajkar said.
“The owner claimed that he suffered a loss of Rs 50 lakh, however, we asked him to produce invoices of purchased timber to calculate the loss,” the station fire officer said.