A decade after the game launched, Minecraft has finally added the tenth type of wood to the game, and it’s truly unique. We are talking about the brand new bamboo wood family in Minecraft. They have a special manufacturing method and even exclusive features. There are no limits to your creativity when using bamboo wood. But first, it’s time to figure out how to find and use bamboo wood in Minecraft.

How to find bamboo wood in Minecraft (2022)

To note: Currently, bamboo wood and its related items are only available as an experimental feature in Minecraft 1.20 Beta and 22w42a Snapshot. They are under development and everything from the texture of the blocks to their uses are subject to change until the final release.

What is bamboo wood in Minecraft

Oak wood (L) next to bamboo wood (R)

Bamboo wood is the tenth type of wood in the game and will be available to everyone in the Minecraft 1.20 update. It has a texture that resembles real-world dried bamboo. Compared to other types of wood, bamboo is fresh and unique. Instead of just being a different color, bamboo wood also has a long straight line on its face, which is great for creating seamless patterns in Minecraft house builds.

Where does bamboo wood breed

Unlike other types of wood, bamboo wood does not come from any tree. Instead, you must use pieces of bamboo, which are already part of the game, to create the new blocks. Thus, bamboo wood blocks do not spawn naturally in the Minecraft world.

Bamboo Jungle Minecraft Biome

Meanwhile, when it comes to bamboo, you can find them growing inside larger jungle biomes. They take over small areas of jungles and turn them into bamboo jungles. This is also the biome where pandas spawn most often in Minecraft. If you want to be ruthless, you can kill pandas to make them drop bamboo. However, we suggest you use our sugarcane farm design to easily get a large amount of bamboo.

How to Make Bamboo Wood in Minecraft

The most basic element of any type of wood is the plank block. This is where the bamboo starts too. So let’s look at the recipe for making the new bamboo wood block in Minecraft.

Handmade bamboo plank recipe

To create a bamboo plank block, you need to place four pieces of bamboo on the crafting table. Bamboo must form a 2 x 2 square (place them side by side, as you can see above). By developing this logic, you can get 16 bamboo planks from a full pile of bamboo (64 items).

How to Use Bamboo Wood in Minecraft

Now that you know how to make bamboo planks, everything else is a breeze. You can use bamboo wood in Minecraft to craft the following items with it existing wood recipes:

  • Stairs: made by placing six bamboo planks in a stair pattern
  • Slab: made by placing three boards horizontally next to each other
  • Fencing: created by surrounding two sticks with four bamboo planks
  • Gate: created by inverting the layout of the recipe of a fence
  • Gate: crafted by filling two adjacent columns with bamboo planks
  • hatch: crafted by filling two adjacent rows with bamboo planks
  • Sign: created by filling two adjacent rows with bamboo planks and placing a stick under the middle cell
  • Button: crafted by placing a bamboo plank in the crafting area
  • pressure plate: created by placing two bamboo planks in adjacent columns
  • Raft: same crafting recipe as boats in Minecraft; made by combining 5 bamboo planks into a hollow half square
  • Raft with a chest: a combination of a chest with a raft

Not to mention that bamboo wood also has a set of special exclusive blocks under the name of bamboo mosaics. So let’s see how to make bamboo mosaic in the next section.

What is Bamboo Mosaic in Minecraft

The Bamboo Mosaic is a wooden building block that you can only craft with bamboo. It functions like other building blocks in the wood family, but has a continuously coiled texture. Now let’s go over how to craft each bamboo mosaic block in Minecraft:

bamboo mosaic block

1. First, we need to make bamboo slabs. To do this, place three bamboo planks in the middle row (or any other row) to get six bamboo slabs.

minecraft bamboo slabs

2. Next, place two bamboo slabs vertically anywhere in the crafting area (see diagram below). Well, that will create a bamboo mosaic block.

Bamboo Mosaic Block Crafting Recipe

bamboo mosaic tiles

Once you have crafted the bamboo mosaic blocks, place three of them in the same row of a crafting table to create mosaic tiles. The crafting recipe is the same as standard bamboo slabs, but now you get a new wooden pattern. And it would look great when building a floor or entryway for your home.

Bamboo Mosaic Slabs

Bamboo mosaic staircase

Finally, let’s learn how to use bamboo wood blocks to make stairs. Here you need to fill the first, second and last row of the crafting area with bamboo mosaic planks (as shown below) to create a bamboo mosaic staircase. We love the new design that the Bamboo Mosaic brings to the game, opening up new creative avenues for builds.

Bamboo Mosaic Stairs Crafting Recipe

Is bamboo wood better than other types of wood

Now that you know how to find and use bamboo wood in Minecraft, it’s only natural that you wonder if it’s worth it.

In our testing, as expected, bamboo offered no special effects compared to other wood types in the game. They burn the same and even work with the same crafting recipes, as you may have seen. -be noticed. So yeah, it’s fair to say that all his the uniqueness is simply in the textures of the bamboo wood set. They are nothing like other wood types in Minecraft. Not to mention, you can even go one step further by creating mosaic bamboo blocks.

Everything you need to know about bamboo wood in Minecraft

With this, you are now ready to craft and use all bamboo wood items in Minecraft. They’ll be great for most Minecraft house ideas, and you can even use them to build new types of villages in the game. Who knows, they might one day lead to the missing jungle villages, which is one of the speculated features of Minecraft 1.20 update. But leaving that up to the developers, how do you plan to use these new bamboo antlers in Minecraft? Tell us in the comments below!