Simple, short and to the point, the AB 100 could very well be the fastest yacht of its size. Not to mention its Italian roots in style, design, architecture and lifestyle. But wait a second, maybe I’m a little ahead of myself.

To understand the ship, it should help to know a bit about the builder. AB Yachts is an Italian yacht yard from the Viareggio region in Italy. Present on the market since 1992 and finally integrated into the Fipa Group in 2001, this team creates vessels with the sole aim of being a “reference” in the world of yachting and boating.

It’s a bold aspiration given the number of yachting yards and the level of luxury they offer. However, this team is still going strong and recently even launched an AB 100 variant named Superfast, which delivers an additional 4 knots (4.6 mph) over the already existing top speed of 56 knots (64.4 mph) as the AB 100 already presents. . It is this speed of 56 knots that attracts most owners towards the 100.

To achieve such a top speed, engines could be considered the most important factor. The hull design too, but I’ll get to that shortly. For the 100, AB decided to use not one or two, but three MAN V12 engines which deliver a power of 1900 hp each. It is 5,700 horsepower that propels a ship with a length of 100 feet (30.05 m). How is it possible?

As well as simply being fitted with massive engines, the 100 is also built from modern lightweight materials such as carbon fiber, aluminum and the like. I wouldn’t be surprised to see magnesium in the mix. After all, there is wood, carbon fiber, and a lot of leather. Lots and lots of leather. What, did you forget that this team is Italian?

As for the design of this case, every little aspect is geared towards speed and comfort. Every fin, every groove, even the rear deck and the way it drags through the wide and flat water to provide stability, all 100 are aimed at speed and stability below that speed.

One thing to note about the ship is that AB Yachts will work with you to bring your dream craft to life. What does it mean? It means full customization. If you have the money and decide to get yourself a 100, you will be asked to affect any aspect of the yacht, including compartmentalization, as part of the operating parameters of course.

On board the AB, four guest cabins and two for the crew constitute all the space available. Remember that you will be flying at a speed of almost 65 mph on the water. Better to hope that your guests are good friends, because a ship with this kind of speed can cause problems if you hit a wave coming just right, and no one likes a trial.

Personally, the vessel that AB Yachts reveals in the pictures seems to offer the perfect balance between materials, spaces and functionality. I have no idea if I should change anything. Take the living room behind the bar for example. Wood floors with warm LED lighting trims, massive windows for natural light, and soft fabrics invite you into a space with a warm but slightly neutral color palette.

This neutral / warm tone is also present throughout the rest of the ship. From the twin room to the owner’s loft, neutrality is omnipresent. Spaces lacking this tone are outdoor areas such as the beach club or the outdoor lounge above. The beach club also hides a garage suitable for a range of toys or to use as a suitable patio for a small party. Countless lounge cushions are also present, including a forward-facing lounge with table and awning.

As to how much money you will need to get yourself and AB 100, it’s a little hard to say, as each one requires a lot of customization. However, you can buy a used vessel from 2017 for around € 7,900,000 ($ 9,306,555 at current exchange rates) with most dealers open to counterbids. But it really is a small price to pay for a pleasure boat capable of reaching record speeds.

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