Jon Cummins uses his experience in construction, marketing and management to start a new business focused on what he considers the most important room in any home: the kitchen.

Cummins is the new owner and operator of the Northeast Florida franchise for Kitchen Solvers, a nearly 40-year-old company headquartered in La Crosse, Wisconsin. It has 58 franchises nationwide; Cummins has 15th in Florida, he said.

“I’m enterprising, I want to go back to my roots, and I miss being a businessman in Jacksonville,” Cummins said.

Cummins was born and raised in Jacksonville Beach. After graduating from Duncan U. Fletcher High School, he got into construction, then went to work at Paramount Printing because the company reimbursed tuition for employees.

This led Cummins to a degree in English with a minor in finance from the University of Jacksonville and he rose through the ranks at Paramount to eventually become CEO and managing partner.

When the print shop was sold to a competitor, he joined the automotive marketing technology business. When that company was sold to a global software developer, Cummins said it missed the local touch and decided to start a new business.

Kitchen Solvers ticked all the boxes on their wishlist.

“I was looking around and thinking of a franchise. My grandfather taught me woodworking. I have a background in construction. The kitchen is the most important room in the house and I love projects – make one and move on to the next,” Cummins said.

Kitchen Solvers has completed nearly 50,000 kitchen and bathroom renovations since its inception in 1984.

The company’s franchisees consult with homeowners to help them design what best suits their needs, whether it’s new fronts and countertops or a complete teardown and remodel, a said Cummins, the components are made in Wisconsin and installed by local workers.

After two weeks of training at company headquarters, Cummins plans to officially launch the company in mid-November.

Franchise territory includes southeast Duval County, including the beaches and St. Johns County from Vilano Beach to the north.

Cummins said he was in the business for the long term, but had an exit plan in mind.

“I’m 60 – not ready to retire at all. I want to work for about 10 years and then sell it.

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