Chris Craft (CC), a company which is now part of the Winnebago Industries group, appears to be able to offer luxury day boats at about the same price as a motorhome. However, this watercraft builder dates back well beyond the days of Winnebago.

It’s 1874 and Chris Smith & Sons Boat Company was born. Over the years, this family business has become known for building some of the fastest and most extravagant mahogany boats and craft in the world. As technology progressed, so did building materials, but the same taste for fine detail and the use of wood still brings an appeal to CC that is sure to make you understand why they are now a part of. Winnebago Industries.

As for the ship you see here, it is the Launch 27. It is supposed to be the “best” ship in this category of CC. Just so you get an idea of ​​what you’re being shown, the 27 comes with a starting price of $ 166,600 (€ 141,395 at current exchange rates); I mentioned that it costs as much as a motorhome. Did you think I meant one of these cheaper?

But for that price you get a handmade and tuned vessel that will give you an elevated feel at summer parties on the lake. Just watch it. Imagining myself in the 27th, the only things missing in my life would be a start at 9 am, a lacrosse jersey and / or tennis in the afternoon.

Overall, the 27 has a length of 26.6 ft (8.12 m), a beam of 8.5 ft (2.6 m) and a dry weight of only 5,580 lbs (2,531 kg) . If that’s not enough for you, think of it this way, you can get ten people aboard this ship. This is made possible by a passage arrangement which allows guests to occupy both the rear and the bow of the 27 at the same time.

All of the furniture is elegantly covered in UV resistant vinyl and even uses hand-stitched leather in some spots. The bow fits around three to six people depending on whether people are lounging or not, and the rest are housed along the walls of the 27 behind the cockpit.

Even further aft, another lounge bed is seen. However, if the ship is stationary for fun in the water, this lounge bed reveals a teak step stool intended for access to the “beach” deck. The engine compartment, which also hides a Bimini, is also hidden under this massive lounge cushion. Once aft, guests can deploy a folding ladder for easier access to the vessel when they return from the water.

One feature that guests should appreciate is the endless storage space onboard the 27. If the ten guests bring personal effects, everything should be able to be hidden and protected. Oh guess what, there are toilets on this ship as well; out of sight and including a toilet and a sink with tap. Oh, and an electric cooler is also found, but no cooking equipment; it is a day boat.

Now, if you want to get a 27, be warned, the list of standard features is most impressive. So much so that there is absolutely no way to cover it all. However, the manufacturer’s website includes a configurator that lets you tune everything from motors to decals and even voltage selection.

I tried to make my own dream come true 27, and when I was done adding Volvo’s most powerful 430 hp engine, a premium audio system, the rear sun visor and even the stitch color, I was looking at a ship with an MSRP of $ 227,990 (€ 193,493 at current exchange rates). Yes, as I thought, you have to be at least a millionaire to afford one. Maybe a tax right now, or whatever way millionaires make their money these days, should do the trick.

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