Murray Wood has been appointed permanent CEO of the Dubbo Regional Council (DRC), effective Monday, October 4, 2021. Mr. Wood has served as interim CEO since June 2021. On August 10, 2021, the Board decided to advance the recruitment of the permanent CEO. , engaging local government management solutions to facilitate a competitive process.

Working in the DRC is not unfamiliar territory for Mr. Wood, who previously held various leadership positions on the Council between 2003 and 2018, including as Director of Community and Recreation, before taking up a post. within the government of New South Wales as Director of Industrial Development – Mining. , Exploration and Geosciences in the Department of Regional NSW.

The selection committee for the CEO hiring process consisted of Mayor Stephen Lawrence, Deputy Mayor Anne Jones, Councilor Jane Diffey and an independent third party appointed by the NSW local government. The councilors held an extraordinary council meeting on Tuesday, September 28 to deliberate on the last two candidates and unanimously decided to offer the job to Mr Wood after a long discussion.

“As Mayor, I would like to congratulate Mr. Woods on his appointment and reiterate the confidence councilors and the community have in his ability to lead the organization. He is the ethical and lovable leader that the board needs now and in the future. His wealth of experience will provide a balanced and expert approach to managing the services of the Council and driving the important relationship with the elected body. The community can be confident that Mr. Wood will act in the best interests of the residents, ”said Dubbo Area Mayor Stephen Lawrence.

Mr Wood said he was eager to enter a new era with the DRC, acknowledging that the Council has weathered the turmoil in 2021 and is the subject of incredible scrutiny.

However, I am convinced that we have now reached a milestone and I feel very honored to be able to lead the DRC in this new chapter, ”said Mr. Wood.

During his tenure as Interim CEO, Mr. Wood was able to gain insight into the functioning of the Council and oversaw the implementation of a performance improvement order issued by the Office of Local Government and implemented new policies and procedures accordingly. an independent investigation into how the DRC handled previous complaints about the Code of Conduct. He says he now looks forward to continuing to provide stable leadership.

“With the local government elections fast approaching, my job will now be to focus on the day-to-day general operations of the council, making sure the community engages with us on this journey. I want residents to feel confident that they will be more involved and included in council decision-making processes, returning to that grassroots level of government that councils provide. This grassroots governance will be supported by exceptional management of the Council’s assets and businesses and I look at the challenge of ensuring the long-term financial viability of the DRC, Mr Wood said.

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