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A conservative YouTuber who participated in the January 6 riots accompanied Republicans on a trip to the border Tuesday night, sometimes acting as an interpreter.

Anthony Agero, a close ally of Marjorie Taylor Greene, can be seen in videos and photos with Republicans who traveled the border roads frequently visited by immigrants on Tuesday night. CNN’s KFile previously reported that Aguero entered the Capitol during the January 6 riots and supported and justified the invasion.

During the live broadcast of his visit on Tuesday, Aguero interviewed and chatted with Congressman Tom. Tiffany & Co., Wisconsin, Lauren Beaubert, Colorado, Madison Corthorn, North Carolina, Chris Jacobs, New York, Michael Cloud, Texas, John Rose, Tennessee, Ronnie Jackson, Texas, Mary Miller, Illinois.

“Hello Congressman Hawthorne is behind me,” Aguero told viewers on the live broadcast, mispronounced Kosorn’s name. “That’s great. It’s gonna be crazy. I’ll tell you.”

Aguero told viewers that border guards “graze” migrants across borders to specific locations, “they basically come out of the lumber industry and try to catch them all.” Mentionned.

In a statement, Aguero told CNN: “Thank you to the MPs and MPs who prevented them from coming to the border to see the crisis for themselves.” He did not answer questions about how he was on the border with parliamentarians.

Aguero has not been charged with illegally entering the United States Capitol on January 6. After chanting “heave-ho” when the crowd attempted to invade, he entered the Capitol rotunda and then chanted “Our house” on the steps of the Capitol. In a live broadcast the day after the Capitol Riot, he attacked those who accused him of plundering the Capitol. The FBI has previously declined to say whether it is investigating Aguero by emailing CNN.

The trip to the Lajoya, Texas border was organized by the Republican Study Committee, a group of conservative members of the House of Representatives, and covered by reporters from CNN, Politico, Hill and members of the conservative media. ..

Members were visiting ahead of former President Donald Trump’s border visit on Wednesday. Aguero was seated in the audience just behind the former president on Wednesday night as Trump appeared to Hannity.

It is not known how Aguero joined the group as he was not attending the pre-trip press conference he attended on Tuesday night, according to the photo and CNN reporters attendance. He was already in the region when the lawmaker arrived.

Buckley Carlson, deputy director of communications at RSC, said Aguero’s presence at the border was “purely coincidental”.

“President (Jim) Banks never spoke to the individual in question, and the Republican Study Board was not aware of his identity and where he was on January 6 and was with him. our group, Carlson said in a CNN statement. Did not travel to the border. “

Aguero, who told the congressman he was there as a “freelance reporter” on Border Network News, posted a lengthy live stream on his YouTube channel. There you will find translations of interviews and conversations with immigrants of Congressmen Bobert, Tiffany and Augustopfurger. Texas and Texas Randy Weber.

In one example, Aguero drove Weber in his truck after a deputy missed his van.

“Member, come to the front,” Aguero said with a laugh. “You can go up front with me. Aguero also took a photo with Bobert at the end of his show.

Aguero had previously run for the Republican primaries in 2020 in Texas’ 16th Parliamentary District, which includes most of El Paso and surrounding suburbs, but was defeated.

The videographers, sometimes referred to online as “Conservative Anthony,” include immigrants along the US-Mexico border and right-wing activists, including the Guardian Patriot, a border militia formerly known as the US Constitution. Frequently records militia activities. Patriots and proud boys.

In one of the disturbing clips from PBS’s documentary Targeting El Paso, shot by Aguero in April 2019, Aguero yells at cross-border migrants and sees them shine with light on their faces. can do. In the clip, Aguero tells a group of immigrants that “it comes out like a cockroach from anywhere.” According to PBS, the clip was viewed 160,000 times before Aguero removed it from Facebook.

He also has a history of criminal violence, according to court records online. In 2010, he pleaded guilty to a minor assault with domestic violence that caused serious physical injury. In 2015, he was convicted of a vehicle hit-and-run when he was sentenced to two years in prison after being drunk in a Texas jail.

Photos show Capitol violation figure on border with GOP lawmakers – San Bernardino Sun Photos show Capitol violation figure on border with GOP lawmakers – San Bernardino Sun