A BRAND IN EVIDENCE Radcliffe is about to participate in a new initiative in partnership with the Great British Exchange and John Lewis.

Harty’s Wooden Things, a small company founded during the pandemic, will participate in the Great British Pop-up, an opportunity for emerging brands to showcase the best of their products to a larger market.

The company manufactures promotional materials for these businesses, using a sustainable recycled wood strategy to make items such as signs as well as personalized gifts like earrings and badges.

It was started to help show what makes them so special, meet new customers, and increase their popularity.

One of the products owner Helena Hart is most keen on showing off are whiskey sticks, made from alcohol stored in a barrel, flavored with oak.

Harty’s pop-up will be presented to John Lewis from Monday for a week at the Trafford Center

Helena said: “The last 18 months have been a tough time for smaller brands, so we grabbed this opportunity with both hands.

“We look forward to having this experience, meeting new customers, showcasing our work, learning so much and doing it all in such an amazing retail space.

“This is such an amazing opportunity because we want to grow as a business.

“Having the endorsement of John Lewis is a big step for us, having the backing of such a great brand like this is huge and it means the world to us.

“We want to take every opportunity with both hands and this is a great opportunity to really show off.”

The Outfit is a small, sustainable, eco-friendly business specializing in merchandise created from wood, salvaged from landfills and recycled from shelves and beds.

The company was founded in 2019 by Helena and her husband, carpenter Arron Hart, with the support of their two sons.

Arron takes care of the woodcarving side of the business while Helena focuses on social media and promotion.

Their pop-up will be at John Lewis at the Trafford Center until August 1.

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