Aldi buyers go wild for a special wood stove.

The budget retailer has launched a huge line of barbecue, camping and backyard products among its special purchases and there is one item in particular that buyers can’t get enough of.

Gardenline’s Swedish eco-friendly torch is already sold out and customers are already wondering when it will be back in stock.

The eco torch is a wood-burning stove that can be used both for cooking and as an outdoor heating solution.

Priced at £ 6.99, it’s a hit because of its eco-friendliness and versatility.

Gardenline says the Swedish eco-friendly torch is ideal for cozy evenings, camping, cooking and festivals and provides heat for up to two hours.

Oven-dried FSC wood logs have been carved for use as a torch hearth or for natural cooking and indicate food will be ready to cook in 25 minutes.

Swedish ecological torch from Gardenline

Customers rated the product four out of five overall.

An online shopper said, “Hope they come back in stock!

“Purchased in store for a camping trip and wish I could have more.

“Great heat, no smoke and a gorgeous centerpiece to watch the flames dance. I would recommend resting on a few bricks to avoid damaging the floor.”

Another said: “Be careful, it burns really well, too well in our case.

“I had one on the patio, burnt and cracked flagstones underneath from the intense heat. Spectacular as long as it lasted.”

We had the chance to try out the wood stove before it ran out completely.

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Placed on an existing barbecue, the burner lasted up to an hour and a half and provided excellent heat throughout the evening.

It burned beautifully and produced no harmful fumes either, which made it less of a concern to turn it on later in the day.

Great visuals too and a cheaper addition to a fireplace.

If you still can’t get hold of Aldi’s and are looking for alternatives, you might want to check out these products below: