Yeah it was hard. You can tell how competitive this football team is with how hard this one hits. But at the same time, for a young team, you have to learn to finish. We have to learn to take advantage of chances to seal the matches. We did not do it. But there was a ton to learn from that and hopefully we can keep improving.

The coaches therefore exercised due diligence over time (during the 11 days between games). What did you do as staff personnel?

Yeah, same thing, same thing and I was actually with Coach Eberflus just to meet our staff, the coordinators and all the position coaches, and really just to look at myself in the mirror. And I think what’s important for any good organization is the ability to look in the mirror and say, ‘Okay, what are we good at? What are we not? And then really put a plan in place to attack the weaknesses. Our unit coaches met with their individual players and did the same. So I’m excited to see them improving, our guys improving, our system improving, continuing to put our players in good positions to succeed.

Did you like what you heard?

I did it. There have been very good returns and they are attacking him. You can tell they care, they want to win games. So I expect to see some good things coming out of it.

Incredible injury report this week, knock on wood. I mean, it’s terribly rare. Of what is this a testimony?

You have to give a lot of props to the guys taking care of their body, coach Eberflus works with the performance team in terms of how we train, how we recover. It all works. Being healthy is a big part of that and I hope we can continue to be healthy.

Another national scene tonight, so lots of assessments from those outside the building: analysts, ex-players and so on. And there’s always a lot of talk about what’s been set up around Justin Fields. I’m sure you hear about it. What do you think about it?

Yeah, for where we are, I expect these guys to make plays around him. I expect our offensive line to continue to improve and improve to give him more time and take hits away from him. I expect the guys on the perimeter to make plays for him. I believe in these guys. I believe in Justin. There are a lot of details we need to improve on and I think everyone can show that they can play in this league and make plays for Justin as well. We will be able to evaluate Justin at the end of this process and throughout the year and he should be able to improve as he becomes more comfortable.

Some of the things are obvious. You direct the ball well, the passing game is calm. You don’t stop the run consistently, but the pass defense is outstanding and the special teams have been really solid, other than a few missed punts. All in all, is this a fair enough standard statement on where the Bears are at as of the start of Week 7?

Yeah, when we went through those meetings, those were the topics we thought we were going to cover well. We manage the ball well, our O-line blocks well in the running pattern, our defense is improving every week and I expect that to continue. I think the key for us is just to attack the weaknesses we have right now and improve those areas.

Justin hates losing. He said it and I could see it on his face all week. He has a real professional approach, seems well established. He’s the kind of guy you want at quarterback, any position. How do you think he channels everything?

Yes, I think he does a good job. Of course, there are frustrations when you lose. I had to control myself after the game, just being upset and frustrated, wanting to win this game. But his approach was great. He’s professional, he’s professional. He returned to work to improve.

What a test tonight as few first and second year quarterbacks are successful at Gillette Stadium. You went to school here at Boston College. You know what it is. You heard about it anyway and now as a personnel manager.

Yeah, it’s still a tough place to play. It’s a very good team. They have sustained success for a long period of time. So it will be a big challenge for our football team to come here and try to win.

N’Keal Harry is ready to go. What do you think he brings to the table this week?

Yeah just another element of our offensive game. Robustness, strength, both in the running game, but also he has the ability to make plays in the passing game. So we are delighted that he is showing his talents and really helping this team to take the next step.

Velus Jones Jr.: Where is he now and have you spoken to him?

Yeah, obviously when you make mistakes, you feel like you’ve let the team down. There’s no better way than to help the team and overcome those mistakes than to make plays the following week. So we expect him to do that.

The NFL trade deadline is approaching. Usually quite calm. Does your phone ring? And would you be open to relocations?

Yes, it’s not ringing right now. But we will evaluate different situations and see if it is better for our organization. I think it’s smart to always take those phone calls and have discussions to see if that’s going to help put us in a position where we can be successful.

Well, 24.6 miles I think from Chestnut Hill to Foxborough. As an undergraduate offensive lineman at this school, knowing the success of Bill Belichick and Mr. Kraft. I mean, a little pinch yourself a little tonight?

Yeah, actually, I went back yesterday just to check out the campus and talk to the coaches and some of the staff that were there when I was there. It’s really cool to be back in the area, but at the same time, I’m just ready to throw this game in and win.