Siempelkampone of the leading technological suppliers of machinery and equipment for the wood-based panel industry, announced the signing of a partnership agreement with the pioneering Israeli high-tech company Smartech.

The two parties will jointly offer the Prod-IQ · SmartPress closed-loop solution for engineered wood panel presses. The Prod-IQ SmartPress solution uses artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms and real-time data to directly increase press throughput and quality while reducing manufacturing costs.

The Prod-IQ SmartPress The architecture aggregates real-time production parameters along with contextual inputs from various press operators, then generates a new operational baseline for higher levels of performance throughout factory shifts. Autonomous process decision making has traditionally belonged to the machine operator, Prod-IQ SmartPress now transfers autonomous decision-making to the plant itself.

Siempelkamp and Smartech have validated the unprecedented capabilities of Prod-IQ SmartPress on a large-scale wood panel production line with a world leader in the manufacturing of engineered wood panels.

Hansjoerg Prettner, Smartech’s Vice President for Europe and Asia and a wood panel industry veteran with nearly twenty years of experience, said: “The capabilities of Prod-IQ SmartPress have shown that innovative AI technologies can bring unprecedented benefits to manufacturers by unlocking the potential of data and increasing productivity. Smartech and Siempelkamp are revolutionizing the wood panel sector with their AI-based solution that goes far beyond Industry 4.0”.