Over time, it becomes easier and easier to make a magic mirror. You know, an internet-connected mirror that displays information like news, weather, or whatever, right above your beautiful face. In [Forsyth Creations]”This data includes 3D printer activity on the network – something that is far more relevant to everyday life than, say, the headlines about Kim Jong Un’s weight loss progress. Construction video is embedded below.

Thanks to projects like [MichMich]’s MagicMirror, everything is done with modules, including some really useful things like OctoMirror that allow you to keep an eye on your 3D printer (s) using OctoPrint.

The electronics are pretty straightforward here – [Forsyth Creations] used the guts of an old monitor for display and a Raspberry Pi to serve the modules as a web page. The only tricky part is the power supply, as the LCD screen will need a lot more voltage than the Pi and the absolutely necessary LEDs around the edge, but a few buck converters do the trick.

After stripping the monitor of all its unnecessary plastic, [Forsyth Creations] cut out the rear and front frames to support the electronics. It’s not a piece of mirror glass, it’s actually one-way acrylic which is lighter and a bit cheaper. [Forsyth Creations] designed and printed corner support brackets that double as leveling screw holders to get the acrylic panel made up just right, and you can get them yourself on GitHub. We think this would be a good early carpentry project or something for a long weekend. [Forsyth Creations] built this in three days on an apartment balcony using minimal tools.

We especially admire that once done, he hung it up with a French cleat. These are so helpful.

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