Amber Guiterrez, Holz Technik Advanced Manufacturing Apprenticeship Program Student Apprentice


Amber Guiterrez, Holz Technik Advanced Manufacturing Apprenticeship Program Student Apprentice

Famous designer Charles Eames said: “Details are not details. They do the design. Unique details such as custom contoured and contoured woodwork and curved surface cabinetry that distinguish the architectural design are highly desirable and can only be produced by skilled craftsmen. For centuries, this work was created strictly by hand.

For nearly 30 years, Eastern Millwork, Inc. (EMI) has been an industry leader in the automated fabrication and installation of high-end millwork. The company successfully challenged the belief that high quality woodworking could only be produced by hand and uses technological innovations that deliver products of uncommon value without sacrificing Old World quality. . As a specialized industry, EMI has struggled to find skilled workers and has successfully partnered with Hudson County Community College (HCCC) to create the Holz Technik dual-teaching model to meet this challenge.

Hailed by New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy as a model example for the Garden State’s economic future, the federally registered EMI-HCCC Holz Technik apprenticeship program embraces talent and technology. The Earn While You Learn program is modeled on proven European forms of education. Qualified high school students who are hired as apprentices each year divide their time between practical on-the-job experience and college courses.

Apprentices receive a tuition-free college education, a starting salary of $24,500 with merit increases, and comprehensive benefits including health insurance, 401K profit sharing, and vacation/vacation. At the end of the fifth year, apprentices receive their Associate of Applied Science (AAS) degree in Advanced Manufacturing from HCCC, earn their Bachelor of Engineering degree from Thomas Edison State University (TESU), receive a salary of $70 $000 and have no college debt.

HCCC is at the forefront of building a workforce that contributes significantly to critical technological advancements and drives regional economic growth. The HCCC-EMI partnership stems from the expansion of the College’s workforce development program, which also includes an innovative dual training program with Local 825 of the International Union of Operating Engineers (IUOE ) which leads to an Associate of Applied Science (AAS) degree in engineering. Studies. “We are proud of our partnerships that help our community thrive and provide future generations with resources to secure sustainable, well-paying careers without the burden of college debt,” said HCCC President Dr. Chris Reber.

Amber Gutierrez, a graduate of Union City High School and a member of the Holz Technik Academy Class of 2024, was drawn to science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) fields but didn’t want to struggling with crippling college debt and job search uncertainties. “I knew that once I graduated from high school, my goal would be to take care of myself. This opportunity gives me the ability to do that,” she said in an interview. at the start of his apprenticeship.

EMI Founder and CEO Andrew Campbell said, “Our partnership with Hudson County Community College helps fill a void. It opens doors for young people in our community who have shown promise and aptitude to earn a tuition-free college degree and enjoy well-paying careers with many options. It also allows our company – and our industry – to provide value that importers cannot provide.

“A lot of what Eastern Millwork does is very much in line with things that have always interested me, and as a bonus, it’s local here in New Jersey where I was born and raised. I have a great sense of community for this place,” said Holz Technik Class of 2024 member Isaiah Montalvo.

Applications for the HCCC-EMI Education and Learning Program are now being accepted. Contact Al Williams at 201-360-4255 or [email protected] for more information.