SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) — An email forwarded to KRON4 from someone who worked in Twitter’s sales department but wished to remain anonymous revealed how the company’s employees were fired.

The email, titled “Your Role at Twitter,” informed employees that “Twitter is downsizing to help improve the health of the business” and that “Today is your last day of work in the company”. According to the letter, the terminated employees will remain “employed” by the company and will receive compensation and benefits until January 4, 2023.

“During this time, you will be on a non-working notice period and your access to Twitter systems will be disabled,” the email read. “Although you are not expected to work during the non-work notice period, you are still required to comply with all company policies.”

The email also said terminated employees would receive details of their redundancy offer within a week, including “financial resources extending beyond your non-work notice period.” After that, employees will apparently receive a separation agreement and other departure information regarding how to return computers, badges and other materials.

The email also had an attached FAQ and concluded, “We remain grateful for all you have done for Twitter throughout your tenure and wish you the best for your next chapter.”

The anonymous employee who submitted the email to KRON4 said his department was “almost completely gutted”.

According reports, Twitter laid off about half of its staff this weekwith around 3,700 people losing their jobs.

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