Many Jews choose to break the sunset to brighten the annual Yom Kippur fast with a hearty spread of bagels accompanied by sides and garnishes such as tuna salad, whitefish salad, eggs, smoked salmon , various cream cheeses and a good cup of coffee.

For those living in the Phoenix metro area, finding good bagels is a source of frustration as well as a heated debate in the Valley, especially among New York City transplants. Some people protest that the water is simply not suitable for the cooking conditionsbut we disagree.

Whether you’re looking to break the fast or just satisfy your breakfast cravings for a fully loaded bagel, here are six bakeries and delis to visit for the best locally made bagels in the Valley.

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Get bagels and more at New York Bagels ‘N Bialys.

Dillon Rosenblatt

New York Bagels ‘N Bialys

Multiple locations

NYBB for short, New York Bagels ‘N Bialys has several locations in Scottsdale, including a brand new one in the Village Plaza, and offers a great selection of bagels and bialys for that East Coast-West Coast flavor. Bialys are not as common in the Valley and NYBB has an excellent selection. The Polish Jewish Flat Bagel is a great choice for a smaller, lighter version of breakfast. The best part of a bialy is the deeper center groove which is not perforated like a bagel but rather filled with fillings like an onion filling. Order an Egg-A-Bagel, Bagel or Bialy with egg, bacon, ham or sausage and cheese for $7.99 or an Egg-A-Bagel-Pileup with all meats plus a potato pancake and a Hollandaise sauce for $14.99. A dozen take-out bagels or bialys are $19.17, and gluten-free bagels are available for $3.99 each. Check the menu for more Yom Kippur-friendly options, such as the fish plate, the traditional smoked salmon bagel, and an assortment of cream cheese tubs to enjoy with the family.

Gourmet Bagels

16895 29th Ave North

Created in 1995, Gourmet Bagels is a great option for coffee and bagels. Taste the fall with pumpkin bagels paired with pumpkin spice lattes. Other great offerings include Cinnsational Cinnamon Flavored Bagel with a Sugar Crust, Cheddar Jalapeno Flavored Bagel, Blueberry Cream Cheese, and Lox Cream Cheese. The Nova Lox special comes with the customer’s choice of bagel and cream cheese topped with capers, cucumbers, tomatoes, onions and smoked salmon for $9.90. Bagel Gourmet also offers a half-dozen special with six bagels and a tub of cream cheese for $12.20.

K-May donuts and bagels

8495 Grand Avenue, Peoria

This modest-looking donut and bagel shop is locally owned and popular in the Peoria area. stop K-May donuts and bagels for favorites including a bagel sandwich with egg, ham and cheese for $3.99 or one of many donut choices featuring seasonal flavors. The small store also offers an extensive menu of coffees to enjoy with a bagel for breakfast or lunch. K-May’s opens early at 5am, so it’s a great option for early risers or commuters.

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Yam and Cheese, Money Shot and an all cream cheese bagel are waiting to be devoured.

Natasha Yee

child perched

901 first street

The trendiest option on the list, child perched is a unique restaurant offering burgers, bagels and coffee with a Brooklyn twist. Many Stoop Kid bagel sandwiches have creative ingredients and names such as the Money Shot which features bacon jam, cream cheese, pickled tomatoes, Tillamook cheddar, scrambled eggs and apple cake of hash browns on an asiago bagel for $10. Fans of Megan Thee Stallion or those who like a good food pun can try Egg the Scallion with Scallion and Parmesan Cream Cheese, Soft Boiled Egg, Honey Ham and Dipping Sauce. gruyère and Mornay cheese on an asiago bagel for $12. A little more adventurous than some of the other bagel spots in the valley, Stoop Kid offers fully stacked portions and fresh versions of non-basic bagels. They offer simple bagel and cream cheese options for the less adventurous or less hungry, for $4.

Hot bagels and charcuterie

Multiple locations

Open daily and offering a wide assortment of bagels, cream cheeses, cold sandwiches and breakfast options, Hot bagels and charcuterie has that east coast feel and is super reliable for delicious bagels. Hot Bagels always has harder-to-find egg bagels and strawberry cream cheese, a great combo, by the way, for $4.75. Get classic bacon, egg and cheese on any bagel for $8.99. A traditional Nova Lox with cream cheese, tomatoes, onions, capers and smoked salmon on a bagel is $13.99. Hot Bagels also offers an extensive dining menu. Bagel flavors include garlic, poppy seed, wheat, rye, salt, blueberry, cinnamon, spinach, chocolate chips and all. Homemade cream cheese offerings include walnut raisins, blueberries, strawberries, lox, veggies and jalapeno for $10.99 a pound.

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Many people eat bagels and cream cheese to mark the end of Yom Kippur.

Photo by Jackie Mercandetti

by Chompie

Multiple locations

Although by Chompie is more of a full-scale restaurant than a typical deli, the restaurant offers a reliable selection of East Coast-style bagels and spreads. Try the delicious Cragel, a croissant bagel hybrid, with scrambled egg, bacon, onion and cheese for $12.79. The flavored cream cheese bagels and bialys are $3.99 each or $4.99 for the lox-based cream cheese. Chompie’s offers a Keto-friendly bagel option for an additional $1.50 and a gluten-free roll or bagel for an additional $1.49. Cinnamon Raisin, Cinnamon Crunch, Egg, Blueberry, and Cheddar Jalapeno Bagels are some of our favorite flavors. Want to drink or celebrate with a cocktail? Add a Bloody Mary for $10 or share a mimosa flight for $15.