The world of Genshin Impact is full of tons of plants and animals to collect and use for crafting, building, and more. Pine is a variety of wood that can be found in cold climates and is used for many wooden buildings in the game. Many tables, shelves, floor lamps, and other furniture in the game also use pine wood as the base. .

Fans will need to collect a lot of this wood if they are to create their dream home in the Serenitea Jar. Fortunately, thanks to the interactive map, fans can easily collect as much pine wood as they need.

Genshin Impact: locations of pine forests via an interactive map

While pine lumber can be found in a variety of places in Genshin Impact, two of the best places to collect it are in Mondstadt and Dragonspine. Players who need pine wood will be able to get tons of it quickly if they use this interactive map. The map shows the location of these trees all over the world, and fans can move it around and find additional trees as they clear their world. There is plenty of wood for everyone, as pines are quite common.

Omggg 🤦🏻‍♀️ I went to Dragonspine for pine breeding and just realized you can grow them in Mondstadt .. like INSIDE town. Those little green trees? Pine. Pine wood 🪵 #genshintwt #genshinimpact #genshin

Something all Genshin Impact players should know is that the small trees that dot the capital city of Mondstadt are also pines. This can make growing wood much easier because each tree yields three pieces of wood.

There are a lot of these trees, and if players collect them all, they might not even need to set foot inside Dragonspine. Players should definitely take advantage of this easy method of obtaining Pine Lumber.

Uses of pine wood

Pine wood really only has one purpose in Genshin Impact, as it is used to make a variety of furniture. Some pieces will need tons of pine lumber, while others only need a small amount. Pine lumber is a staple in base construction, however, as a ton of the best furniture in the game requires lumber.

Players can also use Pine Wood to speed up their kingdom’s progress, as many pieces of furniture that use Pine Wood also provide tons of Confidence Rank Points. Players should make sure to take advantage of these recipes to easily narrow down Trust Ranks.

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